3 Steps for Starting 2018 on the Right Foot & Kicking Butt in the Process

2017 was a big year for me as a blogger. I quit my day job, had my first paid campaigns, went on an all expense paid trip to London and finally went to NYFW. It was a big year of firsts which makes this year even more important. If 2017 was about discovering the potential of this blog 2018 will be the year of meeting that potential. That’s a big statement to make so in order to set myself up properly for the challenges ahead I am focusing on 3 things that are going to make 2018 the best year yet.

3 Steps for Starting 2018 on the Right Foot & Kicking Butt in the Process

1. Trust Yourself

The first thing is trust. I don’t mean trusting things are going to happen for you, I think that’s what hard work and dogged determination are for. Instead I mean trust yourself. Last year I fully embraced my personal style and ditched the feeling that I needed to ‘fit in’ as a blogger. There are a lot of cookie cutter people out there and many see that as a recipe for success. I chose to continue to be different and I can honestly say all of my opportunities that I had in 2018 came to me because I had a unique perspective. The moral? Trust yourself and your gut. Trust that YOU know what is right for you and your future and that will be the right decision.

3 Steps for Starting 2018 on the Right Foot & Kicking Butt in the Process

2. Don’t Settle

The second thing is never settle. We say this a lot in our personal lives but it should be just as relevant in our profession. You know your time, your work, your content is valuable and the right business partners will agree with you and compensate you accordingly. To anyone who thinks any less or offers any less remember: you are defined more by the opportunities that you refuse than you are by the opportunities that you take. So be picky, know your value and make sure that the opportunities you embrace value you as much as you do them.

3 Steps for Starting 2018 on the Right Foot & Kicking Butt in the Process

3. Invest In Yourself

The last thing is to invest in yourself. This is different than trusting yourself because you can believe in everything you are doing and yet still never give yourself the time to fully realize your potential. Whether it’s carving out the time to exercise and eat healthfully or prioritizing your passions over other obligations, this is something you must do in order to truly succeed.  I struggle with this 3rd step the most in both my personal and professional life. It is easy to have all of the best intentions in the world but then let other things overshadow them or take their place. Let’s commit to this being the year that you invest in yourself first so that you can finally see how far you can actually go.

The first step is trusting yourself, the second step is being determined to for it and the third step is never veering from your course. With these 3 steps we are not only going to be ready for 2018 we are going to be ready to have the best year on record yet. What challenges do you struggle with as we enter the new year? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading and for coming on this adventure with me. Cheers! – Rebecca

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