Wide Striped Pants Street Style

  • – Faux Leather Jacket HERE
  • – Wide Pant H&M similar (and with a better waistband) HERE 
  • – Rottweiler Sweatshirt HERE
  • – Red Heels Zara similar HERE
  • – Zara clutch similar HERE

There is something about clothing meant for movement that makes it perfect for ‘street style’ type photography. As we go through our second Fashion Week of this fashion month half of the interest is not simply in the clothes on the runway but rather on the people attending the shows. The term ‘street style star’ is not new and I have used it often, but what makes a garment truly ‘street style’ ready?

Wide Striped Pants Street Style

For me, and I think for many photographers out there, movement in an article of clothing makes for an amazing photo. In this case a lightweight wide leg pant that catches the wind adds interest to an otherwise normal outfit. Perhaps that is why wide leg pants, skirts, fringe and other details that add ‘movement’ are so incredibly popular this time of year. So keep an eye out the next time you are looking at photos from outside Fashion Week and see how many moving garments you can find.

What’s your favorite Street Style detail this year? Sound off in the comments below.
Wide Striped Pants Seattle Blogger Wide Striped Pants Street StyleWide Striped Pants Street StyleWide Striped Pants Street Style Wide Striped Pants Street StyleWide Striped Pants Seattle Blogger

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